Our Story

Legendary Strong
Our founder has been in Law Enforcement, going on 15 years, he observed mental health issues firsthand. Dozens of calls where he helped and aided in someone’s crisis. He experienced his own struggles in his personal life throughout his career. Missed many Holidays, family events worked long hours which led to depression and injuries both physical and mental. Reflecting on his career he saw the need for more support around mental health. He made a commitment to help inspire and motivate people dealing with mental health through his brand. The brand reflects a stronger you! 
There is no beautiful life without you. The darkness creeps in sometimes to show us how strong we really are. Sometimes we need a small reminder to believe in ourselves. It starts with believing in oneself to show the world how beautiful we really are. So spread your wings and fly to the top with us! 
We hope you buy into our brand message and use our apparel as a visual reminder of your true inner strength. Thank you for joining this Legendary movement!
Our Mission
Provide quality, comfortable and durable clothing that promotes selflove through our design.
The heart of LONELEGEND
LONE stands for the will power within yourself that drives you to move forward every day. Legend stands for the courage, strength, and persistence to achieve your dreams and goals. Our logo (wings) represents rising from hardship and having hope for the future. 
Core Values
These are the core values that LONELEGEND was founded on. LONELEGEND is not a brand it is a movement. Our goal is to Empower those through these everyday values.